sorbissimo: sorbetto al lemoncello di sicilia
sorbet typical aroma lemoncello

The Scent of the famous
Italian liqueur

Gluten-free, no colouring added,
without hydrogenated fats, no eggs,
no soy, no nuts
lemoncello sorbetto icone


Lemoncello is a sweet liqueur obtained by macerating lemon peel in alcohol. The citrus yellow zest of the best lemons contains essential oils that give the liqueur an intensely decisive flavor.

tradizione artigianale lemoncello


Lemoncello Sorbissimo is a fresh-tasting alcohol-free sorbet made according to the traditional recipe. Ideal at the end of a meal.

Valori Nutrizionali per 100 g

sorbissimo: sorbetto lemoncello

750 g

sorbissimo gusta il sorbetto al limone