Sorbissimo: the sorbet like temptation


Fresh and ready to drink. The taste is characterized by a sweet base on which you can taste the acidulous juice of the Sicilian lemon.


It has the body and aroma of a good quality coffee. It is perfect at any time of the day, ready to be poured into a cup or glass. Try is a must…


Lemoncello is a sweet liqueur obtained by maceration of peels lemon in alcohol. The skin color …

Wild Berries

The new Sorbissimo flavours. It is a fruit explosion: blue berries, black berries, red berries…

Coconut and Pineapple

Coconuts and Pineapple Sorbissimo is the new exothic flavour created by Sorbissimo…

The whole art of sorbet

Sorbissimo is a creamy and original temptation, with the convenience of a drink, the taste of the ice cream and the comfort of a slice of cake.

It is a product which comes from the art of Italian ice cream. Starting from the same ingredients, it receives the same attention during processing as ice cream, such as ageing at the right temperature. Accurate freezing and mixing makes it thick, creamy, with an intense flavour which is both delicious and original.