sorbissimo: sorbetto limone
sorbet fresh dessert

It’s a fresh,
creamy, refreshing
and digestive dessert.

No Milk, No Gluten, No added dyes, No Eggs, No Soy, No Fruit Shell, With Fiber plant
limone di sicilia


Totally natural with a high proportion of lemon juice, strictly from Sicily. Completely dairy-free. Alcohol-free. It can be tweaked with Vodka, Prosecco, Limoncello, Grand Marnier.

Without milk, 100% dairy-free.

tradizione artigianale sorbetto


We have looked for the best among all of the traditional recipes of Italian sorbet so we can offer the original lemon Sorbissimo, fresh and ready to drink.
The taste is characterized by a sweet base on which you can taste the acidulous juice of the Sicilian lemon. The scent is delicate and fresh. Ideal at the end of a meal.

sorbissimo: sorbetto limone 1kg

1 Kg

sorbissimo: sorbetto limone 750g

750 g

sorbissimo: sorbetto al limone 500g

500 g

sorbissimo: sorbetto limone 200g

200 g

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