sorbissimo: sorbetto al caffè

The sophisticated taste
of coffee is perfect
at all times of the day

Gluten-free, no colouring added,
without hydrogenated fats, no eggs,
no soy, no nuts
caffè sorbetto crema


The creamy and velvety addition to the aroma of coffee.
The selection of the best ingredients like the coffee and the milk used makes our coffee sorbet a joy!

Formats: Coffee 200 g, coffee 750 g

sorbetto al caffèç tradizione artigianale


It has the body and aroma of a good quality coffee.
It is perfect at any time of the day, ready to be poured into a cup or glass.
It can be enjoyed at the end of the meal, as a refreshing breakfast, as a sweet break in the day, at home, in the office, with friends. Alone or with the addition of whiskey, Baileys ® or rum and lots of ice.

sorbissimo caffe 550g

550 g

sorbissimo caffe 200g

200 g

sorbissimo gusta il sorbetto al limone